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An Interview With Leah – From Autism Speaks’ “awareness” to autism acceptance

Leah’s son is autistic, and in the past, she supported Autism Speaks through fundraising and participating in their walks. Leah was an Autism Speaks supporter until last year’s walk, when she encountered the Vancouver ASAN chapter protesting the event and took home a pamphlet. After learning the truth about what Autism Speaks stands for, and after being exposed to autism acceptance and neurodiversity, Leah sat down with her son to share her discoveries- and then she asked him what he wanted to do.

For parents of a/Autistic children seeking community and discussion with other parents, I recommend the “Parenting Autistic Children With Love and Acceptance” facebook group:

ASAN website:
Vancouver ASAN facebook page:
Vancouver ASAN Meetup page:

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