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Ask an Autistic #25 – What is Executive Functioning?

What is executive functioning? How do people use their executive functions in everyday life? What is it like to have executive dysfunction? How can I support people with executive dysfunction? Answers to all of these questions and more in this episode of Ask an Autistic!

Further reading:
Cynthia Kim’s excellent executive function series:
Executive Function

“About Executive Dysfunction; for neurotypical people” by beowulfstits (reblogged on my blog)

Executive Function Around the Clock infographic (on my blog)

“Executive dysfunction and teachers” by realsocialskills

“shower prompts” by realsocialskills

“When food is too hard” by realsocialskills

Autistic people, self care, and executive dysfunction:

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The track used is a remix called “Like Music” by pheraph. Credit for the original song “Renaissance” to Emily Richards.

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