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How I Manage My Week Using TIIMO ⌚ (App for ADHD and Autism)

How do I plan my week?

Ever wonder how I manage my week as a mother, YouTuber, business owner and wife who also struggles with executive functioning (especially time management) due to autism and ADHD?

This is a #sponsored video in partnership with Tiimo, the smartwatch/mobile app for autistic and ADHD brains.

Find out more at: https://go.onelink.me/w6CP/tiimocalendar (available on Apple, Android and desktop)

How I time block (or how I calendar block as some people might call it) is with an app called Tiimo, which lets me micromanage my week in advance and then sends me notifications on my smartwatch to remind me to start AND stop each activity. The timer feature lets me easily see how much time I have left to complete each task, and when paired with a Smartwatch sends out small vibrations to keep me on track throughout the day and prevent me from getting distracted (well ok, most of the time).

I use this app in conjunction with a paper and digital planner, and I hope to cover my whole organisational system in a future video.

This was the first in a 3 part series on executive functioning, so please subscribe and click the notification bell if you want to stay up to date with future videos.

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