Old Lady with Autism

  • Photo of Who am I ???

    Who am I ???

    Finding your authentic self after diagnosisThere has been much discussion lately, in the online forums I attend , about masking…

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  • Photo of What happened to all the autistic children?

    What happened to all the autistic children?

    They grew up to be adults!Awareness is rising about autism and most people have heard of autism. Autism is primarily…

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  • Photo of Autism executive function

    Autism executive function

    Getting things doneDisorganized, lazy, procrastinator, negligent, sloppy, messy, always late, late bills, late for appointments, late for work, cluttered, dirty,…

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  • Photo of Millions of autistic adults

    Millions of autistic adults

    undiagnosed in the USA today.Per the USA’s Center For Disease Control (CDC) there are 5,437,988 autistic adults as described by…

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  • Photo of Autism Anger

    Autism Anger

    Shhhhhhh don’t talk about that!!!!! Autism has a few “sore spots” that seem to be avoided as topics for discussion…

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  • Photo of What is it like to be Autistic?

    What is it like to be Autistic?

    (this is a trick question! ) What was it like to grow up with autism and not know about it?…

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  • Photo of Autism Self Love

    Autism Self Love

    Autistic negative feedback” baggage” and learning to love ourselves.Self love is a very difficult concept for me. I think it…

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  • Photo of Adult Autistic reaching out

    Adult Autistic reaching out

    Self Advocacy, Ageing on the Spectrum Advocate as noun: Person who publicly supports or recommends, or stands up for (…

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  • Photo of Autism Emergencies

    Autism Emergencies

    The importance of being prepared.I can’t say this is about autism specifically, but being autistic and elderly has made interactions…

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  • Photo of trauma,anxiety, hyper-vigilance and negativity

    trauma,anxiety, hyper-vigilance and negativity

    An anecdotal comparison between me and my hamster to make a point about negative attitudes.When I was in middle school…

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  • Photo of Adult children of Autistic Parents

    Adult children of Autistic Parents

    Did you know ?When I discovered my own autism, I discovered my mother, too, was autistic. My mother passed away…

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  • Photo of Shoulds


    ought, supposed to, and other unhelpful or damaging words and phrases This is about undefined expectations and non specific social…

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  • Photo of Self inventory of skills

    Self inventory of skills

    A useful tool I fell on the idea of a skills self inventory when I was in my middle 30’s.…

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  • Photo of Flat Affect

    Flat Affect

    I missed this one, I think!I have been trying to learn if there is a link between Parkinsonism’s “mask” and…

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  • Photo of Autism Awareness April

    Autism Awareness April

    April has been designated Autism awareness month once again. The word is getting out. Autism awareness and acceptance news is…

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